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Get your music out there

Posted in: Music Production by SubBass

So you've just finished a banger and you've decided the world needs to hear it! There are a few roads you can go down - self-release or send to a label in the hope of a signing! Both naturally have risks attached and a few pros and cons. Self-Release If you are still building your profile, one good option would be to self-release, either on your own label or as an...

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Win a place on the Aira Academy

Posted in: Competitions by SubBass

SubBass Academy of Electronic Music and the globally respected CDR have partnered to offer you the opportunity to win a place on the Roland Aira Academy in October - the last course for 2015. TO ENTER THIS COMP KEEP READING... Taught using Roland's range of AIRA production and performance gear, students will progress through a 16-hour course in the Roland Aira Academy covering...

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Andy Bell (Oasis) Interview

Posted in: SubBass Events by SubBass

Andy Bell, the bassist from the world famous band Oasis recently completed a 6 Month Music Production Course - Logic Pro Level One and Logic Pro Level Two - here at SubBass. We recently caught up with him about his experience and a bit of life-in-general! 1. What course did you do at SubBass Academy and how was it? AB: I did two 3 month courses in a row: Logic Pro One with tutors...

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Vocal Music Production Tips

Posted in: SubBass Events by SubBass

"Change a word, get a third" - a common quip amongst top line writers! One of the most vital and defining elements of any track is the top line - the melody/main motif of the track, often a vocal. When you're writing a track, you may start with the instrumental and then look for a sample or send out your track to a list of top line writers, either way its important to...

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Marketing and Sales vacancy at SubBass

Posted in: SubBass Events by SubBass

Want to come work at one of the UK's leading Electronic Music Academies? We are currently recruiting for a Marketing and Sales Assistant for the Central London SubBass Studios. The post is initially for 3 days a week at a leading Electronic Music Academy for a minimum of 3 months, leading to a permanent position for the right candidate. JOB SPECS: Marketing: - Updating...

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