1 Month Advanced Course

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Advanced DJ Course

After a lot of requests, we have added in an extra Advanced DJ Course, this course is the same as the Advanced DJ Weekend, but is spread over 4 weekly sessions

The advanced course will really give you the final push you need to stand out in this competitive industry and take your DJing to the next level, we will share our wealth of knowledge and experience with you and students find they get a real confidence boost from the weekend. Many former advanced course students have gone on to play out in clubs. During the course we will also discuss the industry, DJ agencies and promo mixes.

We find that once you have mastered the basic techniques, more advanced skills are easy to pick up and you will be amazed how much you can learn in just one weekend.

Spending the weekend with a pro club DJ really does make the difference, giving you the chance to ask all those questions you have always wanted to ask the Pros. Students from this course will be considered for our Subbass Live club nights at venue's like Ministry of Sound, Pacha and The Egg.

Week 1

Bars, beats, phrasing
Perform your Mix and Get Pro Feedback
Looking into any Problem Area's
Matching Levels In/Out Of the Mix

Week 2

Deck Control
How to Stay In The Mix For Longer
Method 2 pitch mixing
External Effects

Week 3

Accapella mixing
Impact mixing
Mixing different styles

Week 4

Set structure and sequence
How to sequence your sets and demos
Demos and presentation

At the end of the course selected DJs will be asked to play at our various club nights including our monthly residency at The Gallery Ministry Of Sound

Course runs for 4 Weeks every Friday evening from 6 - 9.30pm

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