1 Month DJ Course

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1 Month DJ Course - Level 1

Course Outline

The 1 month DJ Course level 1 is suitable for both vinyl and digital DJ's alike and is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want to improve their skills.
 The level 1 course is spread across four weeks with two sessions per week, this gives you plenty of time between sessions to practice either at home or in our studio. Practice time in the studio is included in the course, and there is always a tutor on hand to help and advice. The SubBass DJ learning zone is totally unique as we have individual DJ booths for you to work in during the course, as-well as the main teaching area. We are the only training center with this kind of facility, and means we can always monitor your progress as you play out loud with speakers instead of trying to practice in headphones in the same room as other students like many other schools. 

Check out this video of SubBass DJ course students playing at Ministry Of Sound



With a very small class size you will receive the tutor's full attention and won't feel crowded or rushed, you will also have your own equipment for the entire duration of the course.
 The focus on the course is making sure you have a clear understanding of basic to intermediate DJing techniques which can be the hardest to grasp, as when you are new to learning anything it is important that you understand the fundamentals. The SubBass level one and level two courses have the same content as our DJ Complete course but with evening instead of daytime sessions.


Monday and Tuesdays 6.30pm - 10pm

Course Structure

Week 1
Equipment Set up

Equipment and Functions
What Should I buy?
Controllers Vs CDJs
Getting Started
Bars Beats and Phrasing
Cuing a Track
Finding The First Beat In The Bar

Tempo and BPM
Pitch Matching

Week 2
Beat Matching
Mixing with Headphones
Mixing in Phrase
Using Effects
Knowing your Music
Keeping the Tracks In Time

Week 3
Record Box
Matching Sound Levels
Mix Points
EQ settings
The Mix Sequence
The Faders
The Crossfader

Week 4
Mixing with Vinyl
Understanding mixing different styles
Re-capping on the course
121 tutor feedback and advise


We are always on the lookout for new talent for our various club nights including our monthly residency at The Gallery Ministry Of Sound

Course runs Monday and Tuesday evenings 6:30pm till 10:00pm

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