Weekend Vinyl Only DJ Course

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The Vinyl Only DJ Weekend is aimed at beginners or those with some DJ experience who want to improve and tighten up their vinyl skills. During the course you will be using the famous Technic turntables and records in the genre of your choice. Vinyl DJing is how the first ever DJ's mixed and vinyl is definitely coming back in a big way at the moment, so any true DJ should be able to mix using thos medium.  

Students on this course get a 10% discount in-store at London's premier record shop Phonica Records when they spend over £50. 


Day 1:

Equipment & connections
Hearing defence
Bars/beats and phrasing
Overlook of the turntable and set up
Deck control
Headphones and how to use them in the mix

Day 2:

Sequence mix
-       level matching
-       mixpoints
-       eq and preparing the channel
-       droping into the mix

Accapella mixing
Mixing urban music
Drop mixing
Basic scratches
Method 2 using vinyl
Set sequence
Demo presentation


At the end of the course selected DJs will be asked to play at our various club nights including our monthly residency at Ministry Of Sound

The course runs on Saturday and Sunday 12:00pm - 8:00pm.

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