Weekend DJ Course - Level One

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The Weekend DJ Course - Level One

Course Outline

The Weekend DJ Course level one is for those at the beginner level who want to dj any genre. We will start with the basics and make sure you gain a good knowledge of pitch matching, beat mixing, music structure, phrasing and mixing board techniques.
 The first day is all about the decks, we feel it's very important to have good control and to master your deckstrous techniques. If you make a mistake on the decks then the mix isn't going to sound good. If you have been mixing but are having problems with pitch matching then here we can really break your techniques down and tighten your skills.

On the second day we will work on music structure, mixing board techniques, EQs and really get you going as a DJ. Giving you a feeling for what it's really like behind the decks. As well as looking at all of the technical aspects of mixing, we feel it's important to understand what goes on in the mind.
With only 6 students on the course, you will have plenty of time on the decks and we have the chance to really make sure you understand everything.

SubBass Students on the decks at Ministry Of Sound


Saturday and Sunday 12 - 8pm

Course Structure

Day 1
Equipment Set Up and Overview
What to Buy
Controllers Vs CDJS
Cue Points
Bars and Beats

Day 2
Using Headphones
The Mixer
Matching Sound Levels
Cross Fader
Mix Points
In and Out of the mix
Internal mixer FX
External FX Units
Tricks and Tips


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