Ableton Live Level 1 - Three Month Music Production Course

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Ableton Live Level 1 Music Production Course - Three Month

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Wednesdays 11am - 5pm 

Course Outline

The Ableton Live One Music Production Course runs for 12 weeks with 6 hour sessions on Wednesday's  between 11am - 5pm. There will be a plenty of time to work on your tracks with the tutor and each student has their very own  production workstation. With our small class size you will receive plenty of individual attention from your tutor. The SubBass Ableton Live level One course is perfect for students new to Ableton and Music Production.

SubBass is an Ableton Certified Training center guaranteeing you an excellent standard of training. Students who have yet to purchase the program will be provided with a free copy Ableton Live 9 on the course.

SubBass students get up to 50% discount on Native Instrument software!!

Recent SubBass Music Production students have had their tracks signed to labels such as Toolroom Records, Baroque, Kult, Shiva De-lab, Maquina Music, Pink Rabbit, Armada Music and Global Underground.

Course Structure

Section 1 

  • Getting to know Ableton, working with samples and building an idea.
 From looking at the principles of working in Ableton Live, what makes it special and unique in the world of music software, we look at the fundamentals  in a creative and efficient way, building your skill set week by week.

Section 2

  • Developing your ideas into a full track and moving from Session View to Arrangement View.
From your pool of ideas and sketches we expand again and start to see full arrangements taking shape. We explore some advanced features of Live and look at more complex production techniques.

Section 3

  • Arranging and completing the finished track.
Those final steps to actually finishing a track are a always challenge. We look at whats required to get the job done to a high standard using Ableton's functions and a good production practices.

Topics covered include

  • Building drum beats and grooves with Impulse
  • Simpler and Drum Racks
  • Getting creative with audio clips and loops
  • Ableton's instruments
  • Working with midi controllers and capturing ideas

  • Developing music and bass ideas
  • Advanced audio features and Live's audio effects devices
  • Building scenes, recording arrangements and adding automation events

  • Synthesis and creating your own sounds
  • Track structure and arrangement
  • Advanced Ableton production techniques

  • Mixing your track
  • Mastering techniques 


Wednesdays 11am - 5pm


The alternative to paying in full at the time of booking is paying a £200 deposit followed by 3 x payments of £406 which includes a 5% charge for paying in instalments.

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