Weekend Music Production Logic Level 2

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Weekend Music Production Logic Level 2

Course Outline

The level 2 weekend music production course is for intermediate Logic Pro users looking to take thieir music to the next level.  The course is spread over Saturday and Sunday, 8 hours each day. Each student has their own production workstation running Apple Logic X and with a maximum of 6 students per course, you will receive plenty of individual attention from the tutor.

This weekend course is perfect for students who have already attended the SubBass level 1 weekend, or those who have a good basic knowledge of Logic Pro and music production.

During the course we will help you understand how to produce tracks of a higher quality, and build tracks effectiely using Logic. You will spend 2 days with our industry pro tutors who will explain how the modern producer works and teach you teach you production techniques which will help to improve you production. We will ask you to bring along to the course examples of your previous work, so that we can analyse and get a feel for what you need to achieve.

Course Structure

Day 1

Advanced Sampling with the EXS24
Creating sampler instruments.
Sound shaping with the interface.
Sculpting sampler instruments with the Modulation Router.

Building Drum Patterns
Constructing and Shaping a drum groove.
Quantizing and using velocity to form a unique sound.
Constructing different loops for a more dynamic track.

Dynamics Processing
Understanding the compression process.
Exploring creative effects achieved with a compressor.
Noise gates and how they can be used to their full potential.
Using noise gates creatively.

Advanced Equalisation
Exploring the frequency spectrum.
Grasping the interface of Logic's channel EQ.
How to make use of different EQ & filter types within a track.

Effects Processing
An in depth look at common reverb parameters.
How you can model your own custom reverb.
Sculpting your delay effects.
Using modulation & distortion effects to create an inspired track.

Day 2

Understanding the interface of a synthesiser.
Sculpting the perfect bassline.
Composing the ideal groove for your track.

Music Theory
Understanding the notes on a keyboard.
Time signature's effect on a track's groove.
Constructing and manipulating chords.

Arrangement Techniques
Structuring a track and making it flow.
Automation techniques.
Creating exciting build ups.

The Mix Down Process
Sub-groups & stem mixing.
Creating space within your mix.
Making use of the stereo field.
Mastering for DJs.

Analysis of  Your Own Work
One on one exploration of your own music.
Implementing the techniques learned to improve your own track.

Sending tracks to labels

The Level 2  music production weekend course runs on Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 8pm

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