Advanced Electronic Production Weekend Logic

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Advanced Electronic Production Weekend Logic

Course Outline

The advanced music production weekend course is spread over Saturday and Sunday, 8 hours each day. Each student has their own production workstation running Apple Logic X and with a maximum of 4 students per course, you will receive plenty of individual attention from the tutor.

During the course we will help you understand how to produce tracks of a higher quality, and build tracks effectiely using Logic. You will spend 2 days with our industry pro tutors who will explain how the modern producer works and teach you teach you production techniques which will help to improve you production. We will ask you to bring along to the course examples of your previous work, so that we can analyse and get a feel for what you need to achieve.

Course Structure

Day 1

Analysis of your previous work

Understanding Sound
Waves and comb filtering
Understanding the depth of instruments
Psychoacoustics (science of sound perception)

Successful Arrangement
Creating templates and structured arrangements
Quick Structure Templates

Production Techniques 
Making good drum patterns
Side chaining
Gating and ducking
Multiple parallel compression

Good Use Of FX
Sample Delay

Building a Track

Day 2

Hardware and Software Synths
Types of synthesis
Types of waves
Synths Path

Compression & EQs
Reverb and Delay
External plug-ins overview
Real-time automation

Mastering a track ready to play out

Sending tracks to labels

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