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Make Killer Tunes with Professional Producers at The Home Of Electronic Music.

Why Choose SubBass For Music Production Courses?

Take a music production course at SubBass and we will quickly show you how to create those killer tunes. Our tutors are all pro producers who are currently, and have been, releasing tracks for years. With releses in a variety of styles on many respected record labels, our tutors will not only help you produce tracks in the genre of your choice but also have the connections to help you get them released too. SubBass also has a record label 'SubBass Recordings', which students can submit tracks to for release. SubBass is an Apple Authorized Training Centre guaranteeing you a level of excellence that can't been beaten.

As a SubBass Music Production Course student, you will get to work on your very own Apple Mac workstation for the entire duaration of the course, with bundles of Soft Synths and Plug-ins, learning the skills you need to make your tracks stand out. With only 6 students per class, you get a lot of one on one time with our professional producers and can work at your own pace. This means that we can teach you lots more in a shorter period of time, as you will find most other courses have upwards of 10 students in a class, which is not a beneficial learning envoronment. 

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