Logic Pro 3 month Music Production course

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Logic Pro One - Music Production course

Course Outline

The Logic Pro One music production course runs for 12 weeks with a 6 hour session on Thursdays 11am - 5pm. There will be a plenty of time to work on your tracks with the tutor and each student has their very own Apple production workstation. The course is split into 2 parts, during the first part of the course you will work on how to use Logic, we will then move onto production and making your own music with Logic. We beleive that if you have a good knowledge of the program you will be better equipped to produce great music. So we will focus on developing your understanding and then teaching you how to make those killer tunes.

Logic Pro One is the perfect if you have just purchased the program and are looking to get into music production. SubBass is an Apple Authorized Training Centre for Education and you will work with our Apple Authorized trainers. Students on this course will receive the official Apple training book and can also take the Apple Lofic 101 exam which is all included in the course fee.

SubBass students get upto 50% discount on Native Instruments software!!

Recent students from this course have had their tracks signed to Toolroom records, Baroque, Kult, Shiva De-lab, Maquina Music, Pink Rabbit, Armada Music and Global Underground

Course Structure

Part 1

The first part of the course is all about understanding and getting to grips with Logic, as we believe the better you understanding the program, thee better the music you make on it will be. So we will spend the first few sessions teaching you some key techniques that are essential to production.

Making Music with Logic
Recording Audio 
Editing and Programming
Programming Drums
Flex explained
Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching
Arranging the Song

Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces

Part 2 contents

Once you have a good understanding of Logic, we will start to create a track in your style and as we work with you to create the music we will develop your skills and understanding of production.

Drum Programming
Creating drums In Logic using Ultrabeat and the EXS24
Using drum samples and Loading them into the EXS24
Create Your Drum Groove
How To Quantize and use Velosity to Create Swing
Creating You Own Sound

How to Sample and what can be Sampled
Using Samples in Your Track
Editing and Using Loops and Other Samples
Changing the Tempo and Pitch of your Samples

Effects and Dynamics
Routing and Bussing to effects
Which Type of Effects to Use
EQ and Compression
Frequency Ranges for your sounds
Giving you music room to Breathe
Delays and Reverbs

Setting up your Mixer In Logic
Getting the levels right
How to mix your track down
Getting the Master Levels Right
Mastering For DJs
Output EQ, Compression and Limiting

How to get the best out of the ESP,ES1and ES2
The Matrix
The Arpeggiator
Retro Synth
A look at 3rd Party Plug-ins
Chord Trigger
Creating a fat Bassline
Melodic Patterns
Editing waveforms, oscillators, filter & enveloping

Arrangement Techniques
Track Structure
Creating a Killer Arrangement
Breakdowns and Drops

How we use Automation to really give music a professional edge.

The Course will include a music industry masterclass on how to get your tracks signed, and if they are good enough we will sign them to our own Subbass label, or recommend them to one of our many Industry connections.

Each session starts at 11:00pm and finishes at 5:00pm on Thursday afternoons.

The alternative to paying in full at the time of booking is paying a £200 deposit followed by 3 x payments of £406 which includes a 5% charge for paying in instalments.

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