Logic Music Production - 1 Month Level 1

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Logic Music Production Course - 1 Month Course - Level 1

Course Outline

With the SubBass one month level 1 Logic music production course, not only will you learn how to use the software, but also how to make your instruments and beats sound rich and ready for release to be played on big room sound systems. The course runs for 4 weeks with 2 studio sessions per week, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm till 10:00pm.

Each student has their very own production workstation, with a maximum of 6 students per course you will receive plenty of individual attention from the tutor and we can cover so much more than other courses. During the course we will help you understand how to build a track using modern day studio equipment.

You will spend a month with our industry pro tutors who will explain how the modern producer works and teach you every thing you need to know to start producing your own music.

Recent students from this course have had their tracks signed to Toolroom records, Wiggle, Vitalik, Baroque, Kult, Shiva De-lab, Maquina Music, Pink Rabbit, Armada Music Global Underground and many more!

Each student has their very own production workstation running Apple Logic

Course Structure

Week 1
Introduction to The Modern Studio
Getting to know Logic
Understanding Logics six main Area's
Making a sound In Logic
Programming drums in Ultrabeat and EXS24
Creating a Drum Loop

Week 2
Editing Audio
Loading Samples into the EXS24
Getting your Drum loop to really groove
Quantizing/Velocity and Beat Placement
Understanding the ESP,ES1 and The ES2
Creating a Bassline to your Pattern
Audio FX
The Mixer

Week 3
Getting your musical style right
Listening to your Favorite Tracks and Emulating the Style you want make
Adding FX
EQ Delays Reverb and Compression
Adding Melody
Pads and Strings

Week 4
The Intro
The Middle of the Track
The Break and The Drop
Keeping Excitement in the Music

Courses run Wednesday and Thursday evenings 6.30pm - 10.00pm


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