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Top Producer Jay Gilbert AKA Teva will take you through a step by step course on how to make house music.

From Creating your kick to building up a percussion loop, the house course will really get you to grips with making a house tune. We will look at where to place drums and how to create that house groove. Whether you are after a funky bassline, a deeper groove or a tougher feel to your track, Teva will demonstrate how the pro's get their sounds. This course is for those of you with a good basic knowledge of Logic, you should consider taking the Introduction course if you are new to the programme.

The start of the course you will see how we build up our loop and create ideas for the track, then we will move onto creating a bassline to really get the groove in place. Once the melody and some clever use of vocals are in place it's time to move into production mode and get all your sounds clean and crisp with Routing, compression and EQs. During this course you will see how the track grows with arrangement and automation techniques that you will find change the way you produce forever. If you are into your house then this course is a must!!

You get 8 weeks access to the portal and you can watch the videos as many times as you like, the course notes are yours to keep and download onto your computer. You also get a sample pack with Audio samples and loops from Graeme Lloyd, Punx Soundcheck and Sonny Wharton. This is not just a set of tutorials but a structured course with Templates to work from and Full course notes to follow. You will receive tasks and goals before each tutorial and a main task at the end of each section designed to really move you forward and test your Knowledge. Upload your tracks to the Subbass online soundcloud page for review and feedback from the tutors, the best tracks will be released on the Subbass label.


Course Content
Tutorial 1 Making Your Kick
Tutorial 2 Adding Sub To Your Kick
Tutorial 3 Gelling The Kick
Tutorial 4 Adding Your Clap
Tutorial 5 Building Your Groove
Tutorial 6 Hi-Hats
Tutorial 7 Percussion
Tutorial 8 Producing Your Drums In The Mixer
Tasks and Objectives

Tutorial 9 Adding Melody
Tutorial 10 Processing Your Melody
Tutorial 11 Adding Layers To Your Melody
Tutorial 12 Getting Your Hook Right
Tutorial 13 Adding Variation To Your Hook
Tutorial 14 Adding a Bassline
Tutorial 15 Getting That Bass Fat
Tutorial 16 Adding and Chopping Vocal Parts
Tutorial 17 Strings
Tutorial 18 Your Finished Loop
Tasks and Objectives

Tutorial 19 Routing and Bussing Into The Mixer
Tutorial 20 Working In The Mixer
Tutorial 21 Processing your sounds
Tutorial 22 Processing Vocals In The Mixer
Tutorial 23 Processing Your Strings In The Mixer
Tutorial 24 Sends to Effects
Tutorial 25 Sends to Effects Part 2
Tutorial 26 Mixing Down
Tasks and Objectives

Tutorial 27 Preparing Your Arrangement
Tutorial 28 Starting Your Arrangement
Tutorial 29 Finishing Off Your Arrangement
Tutorial 30 The Break Down
Tutorial 31 Build ups and Drops
Tutorial 32 Automation
Tutorial 33 Automation Part 2
Tutorial 34 Automation Part 3
Tutorial 35 The Outro
Tutorial 36 Mastering
Tutorial 37 Lets Recap
Tutorial 38 Lets Recap Part 2
Tutorial 39 The Finished Track
Tasks and Objectives

With full course notes and diagrams to guide you, you will feel like you are in the Subbass studio
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