Introduction to Ableton Live

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If you have just bought Ableton live or you are struggling to get to grips with how the program works, then this is the perfect course for you. We start with the very basics and soon you will have a good understanding of how to use Ableton and how you can

Learn how quickly you can get to grips with one of the most powerful and popular music production software packages on the market. We will show you how to create your own beats, re-edits and you will soon be banging out those tunes. This is a complete guide to the music production capabilities of Ableton and is perfect if you have just started to use the program and want to get a good understanding of how Ableton works and how to begin to create your music in the software.

We will take you through a step by step guide from setting up the software, to creating beats, sampling, creating bass and chords, arranging, automation and much much more. With lesson goals and tasks to follow you will soon master this amazing pice of software from the comfort of your own home.

Course Content

Lesson 1 - Setting up Ableton Live
Lesson 3 - Audio and Midi Tracks Explained
Lesson 4 - Loading an Instrument and Creating Midi
Lesson 5 - Working with impulse (Ableton's Drum Instrument)
Lesson 6 - Creating and Saving Midi Clips
Lesson 7 - Loading and Controlling Samples
Lesson 8 - Arming Midi Tracks and Recording a Drum Beat
Lesson 9 - Adding More Percussion

Lesson 10 - Working With Audio Loops
Lesson 11 - Editing Audio Loops
Lesson 12 - Cutting and Sampling
Lesson 13 - Editing Samples
Lesson 14 - Clip Parameters
Lesson 15 - Follow Actions
Lesson 16 - Enveloping
Lesson 17 - Goal and Objectives
Lesson 17 - Extracting The Groove
Lesson 18 - Section 2 Re-cap
Lesson 19 - Loading MIDI Instruments
Lesson 20 - Adding a Bass line
Lesson 21 - Adding More Bass
Lesson 22 - Adding Melody
Lesson 23 - MIDI Effects
Lesson 24 - Arpeggiators
Lesson 25 - More MIDI Effects

Lesson 26 - Working With Audio Clip Parameters
Lesson 27 - Working With Simpler
Lesson 28 - Warping
Lesson 29 - Let Re-cap
Lesson 30 - Organising Your Track Page
Lesson 31 - Editing Session Recordings In Arrange View
Lesson 32 - Goal and Objectives
Lesson 32 - Building Your Track With Session Recording

Lesson 33 - Working On The Fly
Lesson 34 - Working with Audio FX and Automation
Lesson 35 - Track Automation
Lesson 36 - Automation
Lesson 37 - Automation and External MIDI Devices
Lesson 38 - Sends and Returns
Lesson 39 - Creating Racks
Lesson 40 - Mixing Down
Lesson 41 - How To Set Up A Sidechain
Lesson 42 - Saving Your Track as a Finished Project

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