How to use Logic's Plug-in Effects

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As you continue your learning experience in Logic, understanding how to use the plug-in effects is essential to becoming a great producer. On this course we will guide you through all the best plug-ins logic has to offer. We start out by giving you an overview of each of the plug-ins so that you understand how they work, what they do, and how to control and use them. Then we will give you in depth demonstrations on applying the effects to tracks and loops.

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Course Content

Part 1 EQ and Compression
Tutorial 1  
  The Channel EQ
Tutorial 2    The Channel EQ Part 2
Tutorial 3    Compression (Thresholds and Ratios)
Tutorial 4    Compression Attack and Release
Tutorial 5    Multi Band Compression
Tutorial 6    Other Compression Controls
Tutorial 7    Sidechaining

Part 2 Delays
Tutorial 8   
Tape Delay
Tutorial 9    Echo
Tutorial 10  Sample Delay Effects

Part 3 Filter and Distortion units
Tutorial 11 
High and Low Cut Filters
Tutorial 12  Distortion
Tutorial 13  Overdrive
Tutorial 14  The Bitcrusher
Tutorial 15  Clip Distortion

Part 4 Modulation Effects
Tutorial 16 
Tutorial 17  Flanger
Tutorial 18  Tremelo
Tutorial 19  Phaser

Part 5 Reverbs
Tutorial 20 
The Enverb
Tutorial 21  The Platinum Verb
Tutorial 22  The Space Designer

Part 6 We demonstrate how to use the Plug-ins in your tracks
Tutorial 23  Compression, EQ and Reverb on Drums and using sends
Tutorial 24  Compression, EQ, Sidechaining on the Bass
Tutorial 25  Reverb and Delay Techniques via Aux Sends
Tutorial 26  Automating Parameters on AUX sends

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