Blind Minded

Blind Minded Biography

Giorgio Cadamuro AKA Blind Minded, one of the most eclectic emergent producers of the underground techno music scene, developed his lure for music since tender age. Having grown up around instruments, records and scores, he enjoyed all sorts of music, but is surely a son of the 90’s electronic music.

He first moved into the dance scene with Drum & Bass and Hard Techno performing in illegal rave parties in Italy. He then shored to London in 2006 after a degree in sound engineering in Sidney.
The real turning point of his career clashed with his first Techno release, a remix of Italoboyz’s Body and Soul on Trapez Ltd. Soon after his first solo release, Tekatek, he published another two EPs on the same label (Underground Life Ep, Mr. Propre Ep), one EP for Monique Musique (Shoujei Morning Ep) and then recently joined Moon Harbour (Bekeke Ep). Blind Minded became a live-performing resident at Lo*kee, one of the craziest and most acclaimed after-parties in London, and made appearances as a DJ in Fabric, Cable and some other uber-cool parties, such as Wilde Renate and Golden Gate in Berlin.

Audiences are tuning into Blind Minded, as confirmed by the inclusion of two of his tracks in the Circoloco Compilation “The Next Level“ (summer 2011), a South America tour (march 2012), and the inclusion on the next Moon Harbour inhouse vol. 4 (Reboot, Martinez, Tini & Marc Antona, Guido Schneider) out in may 2012.

Reviews describe his music as “the return of what used to be of the Detroit sound, blended with modern spontaneous changes in mood and crossovers which will put a smile on your face”. His live sets are hi-energy and rich in melodies. After just few minutes of his music, you can always feel his background in the details that he maniacally exposes during his performances; capturing people interest both musically and visually - you won’t see many people playing the Theremin live these days.

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