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Check out some of the most successful students to attend a course at Sub Bass.

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For over 10 years, Sub Bass has been teaching students in both the art of DJing and Music Production. Some of our students just wanted to learn for fun, others have wanted a career in the Music Industry as a DJ, Music Producer, or both. Below is just a handful of the huge amount of successful students who started their careers at Sub Bass. Most of them got their first gigs or releases through us and we like to keep in touch with our former students as their careers progress. We are proud of everyone who has attended our courses and we are extremly proud that we helped some pretty big careers get started.


Student Success Stories

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  • James Murray

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    James Murray is currently one of the freshest and brightest talents around on the house music scene. DJ’ing for the past 10 years, James is the mastermind behind the successful Gifted brand, hosting events at the biggest venues across the UK, which helped bring his name to prominence. James has an impressive DJing CV, having been an official Ministry of Sound DJ for 2 years from 2010...

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  • Blackhall And Bookless

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    Bookless from Blackhall and Bookless took our One Month Music Production Course Friends since the tender age of 13, Blackhall & Bookless have spent the last decade honing their ability to captivate a dance floor with their irresistible double headphone, three and four decks sets deep into the moodiest of groove-ridden house and techno. Brought together through their joint love of the...

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  • Sarah Young

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    Sarah Young did our 3 Month DJ and 3 Month Music Production Course DJ/Producer Sarah Young is championing the Global Bass movement across the UK, into the mainstream. Dubbed by the Guardian as the “Katy B of Global Bass” and compared to monster producer Diplo and artist M.I.A by MTV, her music is a unique blend of sounds created for the club, influenced by international bass...

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  • Sophie Lloyd

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    A disco queen and a party starter. Only quality drops with this girl who has been working her way back through the genealogy of disco and house mining only the finest melodic seams. Blending well known anthems and underground classics for the most subtle situations as well as Europe’s most fashionable floors. Having been a resident for private events at Shoreditch House, and...

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  • Tim Davison

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    From Argentina to Siberia, from Belgrade to Bogota, and from London to Liverpool... all these and many more of the world's most discerning dancefloors have experienced the sound of Tim Davison in 2008. With his debut album already under his belt and a host of new productions waiting in the wings, 2009 looks set to be the best year yet for the London-based DJ and producer who has become one...

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  • Shane Davies

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    Shane Davies is a young and talented DJ from the south east of England. His passion for electronic music came from the dance floors of big London haunts such as Turnmills and Ministry of Sound where he was captivated by how the big jocks and residents alike would conduct the music to send a crowd wild. It was this which inspired Shane to first get a pair of decks.

It wasn't long till...

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  • Lay N Browne

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    After taking part in DJ and Music Production Courses at Subbass, Dan Lay played his first set at the world famous Ministry of Sound in London. Shortly after this he made friends with someone at a gig after bonding over their love of dance music, and the duo 'Lay N Browne' was born. Heading straight into the studio, their debut release "Tajima" was soon snapped up by Dutch...

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  • Claudia Cazacu

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    Claudia Cazacu has positioned herself as one of the most highly anticipated new artists on the scene right now and was the only female to appear in the DJ mag top 100 DJ list in 2012. 
As a DJ, her sets build from minimal influenced tech-house tracks that progress with expert precision to spine tingling tech trance to destroy any dance floor! As a producer Claudia embraces all styles of...

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  • Joelo

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    Joel Rojas Domblas, or Joelo as he is known to his fans, came all the way from Mexico to study in London at Subbass in 2008. He took part in both music production and DJ courses. Joelo then returned to his Mexico home to show off his new talents. Since then, he has carved out a fantastic career as a DJ / Producer, playing all over Mexico at their biggest and best clubs; Rioma and Troya to name...

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  • Rachel Barton

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    After many years working alongside Pete Tong as his producer on Radio 1, Rachel Barton decided to further her own music production career by taking a course at Sub Bass. Rachel Barton was born and raised in the South of England & fell in love with dance music very young. She made it her mission to hear and see as many DJ's as possible in order to learn the craft. A season working...

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  • Mike Koglin

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    Since kicking the door down and reaching the UK Top 20 in 1998 with "The Silence" Mike Koglin has been an established mainstay of the trance scene right from its nascent years. Known for his inventiveness and consistency, a combination rarely seen in the ever-shifting and unpredictable world of electronic dance music, Mike has a busy schedule in his London studio as a producer, and...

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  • Ceri

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    Ceri is a young lady with Welsh blood running through her veins, she is currently based in London where she has achieved a rapid rise up the ranks due to her prowess both on the decks and in the studio. As a very underage teenager, she found the lure of London's nightlife irresistible and spent many a night attending some of the very best underground events the capital has to offer. But...

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  • Christian Williams

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    Radio: Christian started presenting radio shows when he was at University. Being creative and unique made him stand out and very quickly moved to a community radio station. Once he heard that people actually present for a Job he went in seek of one. Starting at Galaxy South Coast presenting an overnight show he moved straight from there to present the Drive show on a station in Oxford. He...

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  • Shane Watcha

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    Among the current trend of dj's coming out of London, Shane is a rare Breed. He has crafted a sound that is uniquely his own and distinguishes him from the rest of the pack. It's all delivered in a supremely tight mix that flows with emotion & a passion that runs deep. First & foremost a DJ, Shane learned his craft in the early nineties warming up for house...

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  • Phoebe D'Abo

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    Since her first encounter with a pair of turntables back in 2007, Phoebe has gradually built herself a solid reputation as a skilled and versatile DJ, exploring and experimenting with genres of funk, soul, disco and (closest to her heart) house music. Spinning for clubs such as Pacha, Ministry Of Sound and Space, Ibiza as well as at corporate events for London Fashion Week, Swarovski and...

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  • Andy Woods

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    As a turntabalist for over a decade, Andy Woods has always been a dedicated followerer of the art of DJing. From early days as a vinyl DJ in his birthtown of Cleethorpes, right through to warming up for the DJ elite in Ibiza's super clubs and rocking festivals arenas. Growing up in a musical house with parents who collected northern soul vinyls, his true introduction to Djing came...

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  • Tred Benedict

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    Tred Benedict is a modern example of the rising talent emerging from the London underground music scene. His love affair with vinyl started in 1999 and since then his sound has taken many shapes and forms but has always had the fundamentals of electronica at the core. Being a huge fan of innovation he is always pushing a forward thinking perspective into the shape and sound of his Dj sets and...

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  • Dave Azu

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    Former DJ and Music Production course student Dave Azu has signed to one of dance musics biggest labels Nervous Recordings. Dave attended courses at SubBass and is now making some serious waves on the Beatport chart with new releases. Dave first got into music when he bought his first decks at the tender age of 16 and got into electronic music inspired by the booming...

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