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Making memorable tunes that stick in everyone’s head can be down to any number of reasons. The moment, the build-up, the setting, the sound system, the mixing. It is your job to ensure that you narrow the possibility of creating something special, and that all begins with understanding the behind-the-scenes world of music. Our music technology courses in London are perfect for those passionate about music who want to understand what it takes to create, master and produce a tune worth shouting about.

At Sub Bass Academy of Electronic Music we are proud to be a leading destination for music students who want to turn their hand to and specialise in the production of music. We run a range of music technology courses in London which will teach you in an interactive and hands-on way on how to produce tracks that suit your style and genre.

What is involved in our music technology courses in London?

Behind every great track that you can think of right now, there was one beat or a loop that spiralled. The evolution from that beginning through to something memorable is what our team at Sub Bass Academy of Electronic Music can help you with. Both of our courses – for either Logic Pro or Ableton Live – will include everything that you need to feel confident in producing the next big track.

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