Try Our Professional Weekend DJ Classes In London

The knowledge and intelligence that goes into creating an earworm track that can’t be shaken out of people’s minds is something that can be taught. If you have a passion for music and DJing and want to extend your familiarity with producing and mixing tracks that could pave the way for your career in the industry, you will need to learn from top to bottom.

At SubBass Academy of Electronic Music we understand that many people grinding away as a DJ will be working a 9-5 weekday job and find the leap a little bit too stressful. That’s why we have DJ classes in London which are based on the weekends and offer you Level One and Level Two qualifications. If you are a beginner in the DJ world, our DJ classes in London will give you the chance to learn the basics and move you through to specialisation.

Why choose our DJ classes in London to spend your weekends?

Our professional courses are designed to give you a complete learning curve into the world of DJing and production. To ensure that our work at SubBass Academy of Electronic Music is suited to all levels, our Level One course will give you the skills to go away and start experimenting while the Level Two will give you the advanced skills you need to accelerate your learning.

To book yourself on our DJ classes in London, get in contact with us today.