Ableton Tips With Jonny Miller - Autofilter

Check out this free Ableton Live tutorial with SubBass Ableton Live Instructor Jonny Miller......Ableton Live 9

"Having taken a bit of a break from making music production tutorials the last six months or so, its given me real time to take stock and look at what i do as producer, how i use Ableton Live day to day in the production of my music and what effect that has on my role as an educator. I've never really been particularly interested in over-complex production methods, having some technical boundaries in what you do as a producer is actually very positive and just means you will get to the end stage, rather than wandering aimlessly around in a world of 'anythings possible'.

With this in mind and having recently become a member of the team at Sub Bass, i wanted to start making a series of tutorials that up and coming producers, or complete beginners, can watch actually while they are working on a track and implement the technique covered straight away into what they're doing - there and then. No tricky set up, no fuss, just a technique, function or device in Live that will help what you're doing right now and importantly, what that technique brings to the table in the grand scheme of things.

Sometimes when you're learning something new, it's a single word that makes all the difference, a single word that is good to remember and here's a good example… movement. In this video we take a look at how Auto Filter added as an Insert Effect (an effects device added directly onto a single track) can add some subtle life and all important movement to a hi-hat pattern, within a drum beat. We utilise some of the not so often used functions of Auto Filter, things like Quantise Beat to create a rhythmic step effect, and the LFO Phase function to essentially create a mono effect from a device that usually we use in a stereo role.

So watch the video, load up one of your track ideas and add it in to what your doing. See if it improves what you've got…"

Jonny Miller

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