Additions to Logic Pro's Compressor Circuits

If you guys have updated your Logic in the past 6 months you would have noticed that the compressor has had a re-face. Apple have done a great job at stylising the interface and adding new circuits. They now have skins which are made to look like the real hardware compressors that they are based on. This is incredibly useful so that new producers don’t have to play a guessing game when trying to compare logic’s circuits to the real thing.

Here at Subbass, we take full advantage of the compressor circuits which at times can be over looked, despite their specially tuned algorithms and how they can aid different sonic elements in your mix. We also spend a long time going through the most important parts of the compressors to ensure that when parameters are being adjusted its for a justified reason rather than a random one. In the Logic One course we cover basic compression, and on the Logic Two we get more in depth and start to use the circuits.

The new circuit the have added is the Studio VCA which is modelled on a Focusrite Red compressor. Its a modern take on a VCA (voltage controlled amplifier-based) which means that is is particularly fast and aggressive. Great for using on channels that contain hard transients like drums.

Apple have also added a new metering option which is commonly seen on most digital compressors. Although we must always remember to compress with our ears and not ours eyes it is useful having a visual aid so that you’re able to tell exactly what is happening to the transients. Overall a good start towards refacing some of the rather dated looking plugins. We are highly anticipating what’s going to happen next!

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