Creating Music For Video Content

More than ever people are creating video content to publish on their social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. When creating content it can sometimes be tricky to get the right music or music that does not trigger copyright infringement notices. So to help with this we thought we would create a video tutorial lesson showing how you can create music easily using Apple Loops within Logic Pro.

Logic Pro is great for those of you who are not music producers or if you are just starting out with your music production career. Using Apple loops you can quickly and easily create a unique piece of music that you can then use in your online videos. You might be a fitness trainer or yoga instructor looking to promote your services on instagram or facebook, and using logic Pro to create your musical content will get you making great music quickly and easily.

Once you have mastered the basics in Logic Pro you can develop your skills and start to make and create music with samples and MIDI.

The video lesson below will show you how to create a short musical piece that you can use for content.

Enjoy and if you would like to get deeper into learning Logic and music production, check our our Online Courses

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