How To: Extract Grooves in Ableton

Extracting Grooves in Ableton

I want to show you how you can extract grooves from songs and beats you might like and put them into your own songs and beats. Think of it like sampling a feel. When you program a beat sometimes it might sound too robotic. A human being will give beats its own swing, changes in velocity and might have some timing issues(falling early or falling late). Ableton has some great in built swings and grooves but let's use some loops we love the feel of. I have chosen a conga loop from Baauers free soundpack recorded in a desert - So lets get into it.

1. Firstly find a drum beat you like, find the bpm of it and warp it - Im using a 2 bar conga drum loop. 

2.Right click extract groove 

3. Let it Load

4. Program in your beat or load up the midi clip you want to add this groove to -Im Programming a very simple beat into my impulse kit to see how the groove sounds and highlight how it changes to midi

5. Add the groove to the clip by clicking on the left and adding the groove.

6. Now experiment the the values in the groove pool to find the sweet spot.

7. Now press commit to see how it changes the midi.

8. Now the groove is committed to the midi clip you can see how it changed the midi information.

I use this technique all the time I highly recommend it to keep things exciting and human like.

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