How to: Start your own Club Night

Promoting your own night is a great step towards finding your own identity within your desired scene. Playing for a promoter is great and it will help you gain valuable experience and exposure, however for me there’s nothing better than having ownership over your own brand, but it doesn’t come easy.

If it’s something you’d like to explore, but don't know where to start, here’s a quick guide and few tips to help you on your way.

The first point of call for any club night is a name and a logo, get some ideas together and bring your brand to life. People per hour, the dots, Yuno Juno, Fiverr and even instagram are great places to source graphic designers for your logos, flyers and artwork.

When dealing with a graphic designer, make sure you ask for a Vector or PNG file for the logo, it’s always good to have as then you’ll be able to add your logo over any image, photo and video you so desire.

Once the logo is designed, you have what you need to open the social media accounts and create an initial online presence.

Designing a website is a great place to start, sites like WIX and Square Space make this an incredibly easy and affordable process, they also prompt you you to set up your own domain name and email address which is a nice touch when presenting your event to venues or contacting DJs.

Using the website as a hub and linking all your social media pages to one source is all I tend to use it for.

Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram pages are vital, once you have your brand image, open these accounts/pages and add the artwork, content can be built over time but try to lock all of these down as early as possible.

Securing the venue is the next step, set a budget and hit up venues, this can be a difficult and expensive process, you’ll need to do your research, speak to bar managers and event spaces and be sure to cover the following when negotiating terms;

  • Venue Hire Price
  • Available dates
  • Minimum bar spend
  • What’s provided on the night (door staff, equipment, lighting)
  • What time the venue is licensed until
  • Venue Capacity
  • Availability & dates (be sure to allow enough time for promo, if its your first event, allow at least 2 months)

Once the venue is secured, the go to promoter page is Resident Advisor, its a great platform for any promoter when it comes to selling tickets, again linking this page to your social media is a nice touch, keep everything linked and seamless.

When starting out on RA, you will need to set up a promoter page, create the event and link it to the venue you’ve hired, all pretty straight forward when your on the site. Ticket prices can be listed and people can purchase them through the website or the app, you can download the RA scanner to check tickets on the night. Their event support team are great so if you run into any problems they usually reply within 20 minutes!

Having set everything up and planed ahead, you’ll have a couple of months to focus on promoting the event! Great ways to create a buzz can include promo and guest mix’s, adding DJ’s with a small following to the lineup, asking friends to help promote & share the event and if the budget allows, hire a headliner.

On the night content is key, make sure you get enough photos to promote your next event, have someone on the door managing tickets, keep the bouncers on side and aim to break even on the night.

My final piece of advice, Be Consistent!


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