How to use social media to your advantage as a DJ or Music Producer

Everyone knows that social media is now the ultimate free way to market yourself but here are some tips to help you do it right:

Content is key and one thing you will learn is that you can never have enough of it. If you are a DJ or Music Producer there are endless varieties of content you can use on your socials. As you probably are aware Instagram is surpassing Facebook as the primary focus of marketing for businesses both big and small and endless features that are being rolled out can definitely make a difference in your online presence.

In terms of Instagram content firstly we'll start with your profile - make sure you keep your posts thematic - pick an aesthetic and stick with it; it will keep the flow of your page succinct and make it look professional too. Consider who you are as a performer and consider your brand identity and manage your content accordingly. You have an endless variety of colour themes to choose from and you can change your profile up with a range of different features. Consider videos, DJ/production clips, photos, blogs, mixes/clips of mixes, top 5's and top 10's - once you get creative and think about all the things you can do, you have an endless amount of vary content at your fingertips.

Some DJs use Instagram as a platform to incessantly promote their gigs, and what happens is that their profile begins to look like a flyer collection. Over-promoting your gigs is one of the fastest ways to get people to unfollow you. It's samey and boring - who scrolls through their social media to look at flyers? Nobody. It's fine to self promote and to do the same for others but try to alternate it with other content, or showcase yourself prepping for the show while @-ing & tagging others involved and the event/location page if there is one.

Shoot videos:
Videos are a great media to utilise if you are a DJ or Music Producer - you can showcase your style, the music and different genres you play and also your talent. Live-streaming is extremely popular and its a great option to do however I would be wary of live streaming dependant on your followers. You want to make sure you have enough interaction on your stream for it to look viable - social media is of course about how you portray yourself to the outside world and unfortunately as shallow as it is, if nobody is watching your live stream - did it even happen?

The DJ community is an expansive one - bridges are made through communication and promotion. You need to be comfortable with consistently promoting yourself, others and networking. Make sure to interact with other artists, fans, and publications. The best way to grow your following on Instagram is to interact with users more than you post photos. This may sound counterintuitive, but unless you’re a celebrity (think Tiesto, Carl Cox, Hardwell) people don’t have a reason to follow you just yet. Get fans to look at your profile by liking and commenting on their posts, but be genuine (avoid spammy “Cool profile, follow me and I’ll follow you!” comments). Make sure that you reply to people commenting on your posts - even if they may be bots, the algorithm that Instagram uses boost posts on the discovery page with a high engagement so it pays to reply to your followers and randoms plus you can accomplish great networking from these kinds of interactions. This is how you build a community of fans and serve your audience – it’s better to have a few hundred engaged followers than a couple of thousand who never interact with you. Never resort to services that let you buy likes or followers - be organic!

Content Calendar:
After determining your mix of pictures and videos that you want to share with your audience the next step is to build a weekly or monthly calendar, depending on your content and what is popular at the time. Go to resources like hootsuite and later both of which offer free scheduling for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (among other platforms), so you can write up all your posts in one day and schedule them for release throughout the week. While getting a week’s worth of content done is a massive bonus in terms of organisation, don’t just set it and forget it. Build a professional page so that you can keep up to date with your analytics and therefore learn about what your audience interacts with most positively and also so you are aware what days and times are best for posting. I know it sounds trite but capitalise on "national days" - a picture of a cute dog with some headphones on on national dog day is guaranteed to rake in likes, comments and follows and will help people discover your page - the people who share a genuine interest in what you're doing in the industry will stay but it's your job to pique their interest in the first place!

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