Meet The Tutor - Karim Mokaddem

Music Production course Tutor Karim Mokaddem

SubBass Academy has some amazing tutor on both our DJ courses and Music Production Courses, we thought we would ask our tutors some key questions that students might want to know the answers too. Meet the tutor chats to Logic Pro tutor music production course tutor Karim Mokaddem to find out a little bit more about him.

1. How you first got into production?

When I was 16 at my local youth center learning how to make beats using Logic Pro 7! Back then I really wanted to be a hip hop producer so I started my record collection about the same time! I would take breaks from my favorite records then program beats on top of them. Soon after that I decided to go to university to study audio engineering to better understand music as a whole. Coming out of university I knew that this was what I wanted to do as a career.

2. When was your first release/label?

My first release came out in 2012, right after I graduated from university. It was a 5 track EP made up of electro/dubstep tracks (it was the sound of the times!) It was an independently released, produced, mixed and mastered project called LOUD.

3. What has been your most successful project?

Arches ft. Karen Harding - New Love

This was one of the first times I ran a recording session in a commercial studio and I tracked and comp'd all the vocals. At the time I was an assistant engineer so being given this opportunity was a great kick starter for me.

Rejjie Snow - Keep Your Head Up

Recording and mixing this track was a lot of fun but I think the best part was hearing it being performed at Secret Garden Party festival more than a year after we had finished on the project. That was a really special moment in my career.

Conducta - Still You

I was the recording engineer for this project and it was a session in an independent studio where I was the lead engineer. This was one of those sessions where I had complete control.

4. What is your favorite DAW?

Logic Pro because I know it like the back of my hand! I've always found it incredibly broad in terms of how accessible it is to use, regardless of what level you are. I love the way it handles live multi-track recording and editing, and it's still super easy to produce or program music if that's the world you're coming from to.

5. Whats the best part about teaching at SubBass Academy?

The progression of the students! Seeing them end up making some incredible pieces of music from virtually no prior experience! I love watching that happen first hand. It's really inspiring witnessing the development unfold. At the end I always remind them just how far they've come.

6. Which courses do you teach at SubBass Academy?

I teach the Logic Pro Modules as well as Mixing & Mastering private sessions. I’m responsible for students of all levels, from the beginners that I get in Module 1, to the more experienced in Module 2. The courses are all set up to give the student the full scope and range of electronic music production until eventually we get to the final weeks, and we learn more about the industry and how to set up your own studio.

7. What do you do when not teaching at SubBass Academy?

I am a freelance audio engineer and producer, most of my time is spent either at location, or at my base studio in north west London.

My days can vary from recording one day, to mixing an album the other.

If you would like to Join Karim on a course at SubBass Academy then simply check out our music production courses or book a 121 at the London studio.

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