Music Production tips - Automation in Logic

One of the best ways to get movement into your music is to use automation. It's a really simple but effective technique, remember anything in Logic can be automated, so this means to can open filters, lower volume levels, filter with an EQ, open a delay, gradually add more reverb and much much more.

The options here are endless and its well worth simply spending some time playing with different parameters in your plug ins to see what works and sounds good. You will be sure to stumble upon something amazing almost by accident!

One of our favourite tricks is to open up the send to a delay using automation, this is a great way to create movement in your music. Setting up lots of effects on your AUX channels gives you the option to automate the dry and wet sound during the arrangements and gives you loads of options making your arrangement more exciting. Over time you will discover your favourite effects like delay (try 1/8 dotted dub), reverbs and modulation. You can then have these set up on AUX channels and automate the opening and closing of the send.

Check out our music production tips video below and learn how easy it is to apply automation.. If you find any really cool effects why not make a video and post on our Facebook group.

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