Music production Tips - Create a Kick Drum

Modern production is very much all about samples and loops and being able to create unique sounds from your sample pack collection. We have created a video music production lesson to show you how you can create a kick drum from a sample pack loop.

This is a very effective technique and you can use the same process with other drum sounds. So for example you can take a sample pack drum loop and use this process to create a whole batch of unique drums sounds like a snare, Hi Hat, Kick and tom drums.

We would recommend creating your own drum hits from your sample packs over time you will build up folders of drum hits that you can then go to in your music production sessions. You can also use these folders for sampling adding them to impulse for example so that you can have more control over the sample sound.

This technique can of course also be used for melodic sounds like bass hits, again you can build up your own sample library and use impulse to get really creative with your sounds and add a unique element to your music production.

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