Music Production tips - workflow

One of the most important things to improve when learning music production is workflow, speeding up your workflow will free you mind to be more creative. This means that you can concentrate on musical ideas more and get more of a mental flow when producing.

when learning to produce its a massive advantage to be able to just let the ideas flow as you will have discovered that inspiration can come and go very quickly so being able to get your ideas down is vital.

Both Logic pro X and Ableton live have some great functions that will speed up you workflow, in the following music productions tip videos we look at two great ways to speed up your workflow and make things clearer and simpler.

With Logic we look at how simply using the colour box tool you can easily edit different parts of your track. By using different colours for your parts means you can identify the various sections in the arrangement. you can use this music production techniques throughout your whole track and is a really useful tool when building up your track parts as well as when you come to arranging the whole track. So try colouring the different MIDI parts for editing and also when you are arranging enabling you to find the notes and segments when editing and arranging.

In Ableton live its a great idea to create your own drum racks, this means you can quickly audition different elements quickly and easily, speeding up your workflow. Once you have created and saved your drum racks you can use them again and again when creating new tracks.

Enjoy the free online tutorials and if you want to get deeper into Logic Pro and Ableton live, check out our live 121 music production courses and our online subscription with access to loads of great content and music production courses.

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