My first set at Ministry of Sound

Daniel Green DJing for SubBass at Ministry of Sound:

My first set at Ministry of Soundpodcast series too!

My first set at Ministry of Sound

Freddie, from Burton on Trent, bought an army of fans with him and started smoothly with some sublime mixing skills keeping it all nice and tight. By the time Freddie's set finished the room was electric and finished with Jamie Jones - Moan & Groan, After Freddie was 'ClubCamberwell'. He took the tempo up and leaving them with enough energy for 'Shaft Harder' to continue. Shaft Harder's track selection was beautiful deep but big room house and led nicely to Adrian Nitu to take over the reigns for an hour with some tech-house beats.

After Adrian was my friend Syll who's Trance, Pop, Rock, Funk and House inspired music truly makes his influences eclectic and he played a wicked tech-house set on the night. Syll is a Portuguese DJ and Producer that's producing some serious beats. Expect big things from him in the near future with a potential release soon on SubBass Black Label.

The whole experience was amazing for all of the DJ's who some of them were DJ'ing for the very first time. Its a fantastic opportunity that you can only get through SubBass. .

I have also taken part in the SubBass Ableton Music Production Course, which has started me on my journey of becoming a producer too, I have a long way to go to be at the level I want to be, but with all the help and advice i've been given from everyone at SubBass, on both the DJ and Music Production Courses, I am confident I will get there soon and also start releasing tracks as well as DJing.

My advice to any aspiring DJ or producer that wants to learn from the best and be rewarded with an accomplished course accreditation and a DJ gig then call SubBass today. With new technology being created every day to aid DJ & production you're best to learn from people who've being doing it for years and are at the forefront of the game.

The event was a huge success for the DJ's who played and SubBass. I give it 4.5/5

Thank you SubBass from all who have graced your studio's :-) <3

My first set at Ministry of Sound

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