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Subbass Academy music production course students get the chance to release on the SubBass Academy record label SubBass Recordings. This is a fantastic opportunity for students who complete with our Logic or Ableton live music production courses to get their music released on Beatport and other music websites and stockists.

Our most recent release is by Logic pro modules 1 & 2 music production course student ASKARI.

We caught up with ASKARI this week and asked him some questions about the release and SubBass Academy...

What got you into DJing and Music production?

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved music but I think what really got me into DJing was my time at University. I had a speaker set up and we would host pre drinks at our flat before heading out so of course I also made the playlists for the night. People loved it! Always asking what the name of this song, who’s the artist etc. For production is slightly different. I never in my life thought about producing music at all. After DJing I realized that if I were to really invest myself into the music industry I must learn how to produce and I haven’t look back since!

What courses have you taken at SubBass.

I completed my DJ complete first and then moved onto the Logic Pro Module 1 & 2 course.

SubBass Academy music production course student ASKARI

what clubs and events have you played since finishing the courses

Quite a few now. Played at Ministry of Sound, EGG London, Lightbox & Fire, ive also played abroad in Germany, Hungry, Croatia and also Ibiza in the upcoming summer!

Who are your favorite artists and why.

Tough one. I don’t really have favorites as there are too many to pick. However the ones at the top of my list are:

Eric Prydz under his Pryda alias. The guy is a legend. He never seems to fail me with each track he produces. I would day that he is the King of Progressive House. Seeing him live made me speechless – I cant describe it. The music just takes you on a journey.

Camelphat – I’ve been following these guys for ages way before their hit song “Cola”. I think the reason why I have them on the top of my list is because 1. They produced really wicked progressive stuff back in the day and now going back to that 2. The fact I saw them grow bigger and bigger inspires me as a DJ and Producer.

Cristoph – If you’re really into the progressive scene this guy is the one to look out for. His music is amazing. Nothing else to say. Just go listen.

Tell us about the release.

So “Love Got U” started with me going through the internet finding vocal samples for a different song that I was producing. I came across this vocal pack and thought it was pretty cool but I didn’t bother getting it. I woke up the next day with the lyrics stuck in my head so I thought I might has well make a summer vibe song. So in my head I just imagined a hot summers day, people finishing work, uni or whatever they are doing and heading out to a pool party feeling excited and happy. So with that in mind I found a chord progression that made me feel happy and the rest was easy!

Have you found the courses have helped you creatively and getting a foot in the music industry

Yeah the course taught me everything I needed to know for both DJing and Production. Probably one of the best investments I’ve made so far. Great thing about it is that you meant so many people with different taste in music but everyone was there for the same reason. The tutors know what they are doing and are extremely helpful. The course structure is well thought through and it didn’t feel like it was too much or too little to take in.

Check out ASKARI on Beatport with his latest release on SubBass Recordings.

SubBass Recordings - ASKARI - Love Got U

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