New SubBass Online Facebook Group

We have created a new SubBass Online Facebook Group!

This group is for SubBass Online and SubBass students - a place for sharing tracks, achievements, discussing music production topics, SubBass news, freebies, competitions, discounts and events.

If you fancy joining this, you can become a SubBass Online Member, with unlimited access to all our online music production and DJ Courses for just £24.99 a month! What a bargin! Learn from industry professional producers and DJs!

With SubBass Online you can study music production and DJing from home and still enjoy all the benefits of a course at SubBass Academy.

Follow our expert tutorials, download exclusive free sample, extensive course notes and get professional feedback on your work from the SubBass tutors. Subscribe now for just £24.99 a month and get full unlimited access to all our online music production and DJ courses or you can choose to purchase a single course and get 3 months access to your course of choice.

Join SubBass Online and our exclusive SubBass Online Facebook Group and kick start your career today!

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"SubBass is simply a brilliant school for music production. You get expert advice and teaching in small groups so you learn fast. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone with a passion for electronic music"

DJ Lottie (Radio One, Space Ibiza)

"Loving the SubBass studios great environment for DJs and Producers to learn in."

George Pritchard (Ministry Of Sound)