New updates for Ableton and Logic

This week we have seen two major updates for both Ableton Live and Logic X, Live has moved to version 10 and with some amazing new features and a slightly different look and feel. One of the hottest new features is Wavetable a brand new exciting synth enabling you to create some amazing sounds from basslines to drums.

Logic has moved to version 10.4 and you get a whole new bag of plug ins to use which will help shape and mould your music production. Christmas has come in February for users of both DAWs and we are sure you will love all the new features.

We have created two brand new online courses for SubBass Online subscribers detailing all the best new updates, so online subscribers can log in and check out the new courses. If you are not already subscribing then check out the lessons below to get an idea of what is included in both Logic and Ableton Live updates.

Want to know more and go deeper...? Then subscribe to SubBass Online for just £24.99 a month and get unlimited access to over 40 courses and hundreds of hours of top quality music production course material.

Check out these free video tutorials

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