SubBass Academy - 3 & 6 month evening courses starting in September!

From September 2017 we will be launching an evening schedule for our three month and six month courses in Logic Pro and Ableton!

Our three month courses are offered in either Module One or Module Two in the music production program of your choice. Module One focuses on building and developing your knowledge of how to use the program and subsequently moving on to production and making your own music. Module One is perfect if you consider yourself to be a beginner in music production!

Module Two courses focus on using the program at a more intermediate level perfectly designed for those who either have some previous background in music production or for those of you who have completed Module One and wish to progress to the next level! Module Two concentrates on key music production techniques. You will look at everything from getting your mix right to creating great arrangements and integrating hardware into your music. During the course we will take a deep look at music production techniques like EQ, Compression, Sound Design, mixing and mastering giving you all the tools to get your music to a professional standard.

Alternatively there is the option of our six month course! This course combines both Modules One and Two taking you on a complete journey from the basics right through to deeper production techniques and developing your sound. The full 6 month course will take you on a musical journey which with hard work and dedication you will emerge with your music production talents honed and polished ready to release your first tracks!

Module one runs on Thursday daytime from 11-5pm or Weds & Thurs evenings from 6.30-8.30pm

Our tutors are all professional producers who are currently engaged in and releasing music on the electronic music scene. With experience in a variety of styles, SubBass tutors will work with you to produce tracks in the genre of your choice.

For more information on our courses call us on 020 7593 0435 or email us at

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"I recently went through the SubBass 'making house music' and 'how to make electro and big beats' online courses and thought they were both fantastic... Overall I'd say these courses are amongst the very best resources I've ever found."

Chris Graham