SubBass DJS play the 103 Ministry of Sound - 17th Feb

SubBass students, crew and head honcho Graeme Lloyd are set to return to The Gallery at Ministry of Sound on 17th February supporting Danny Howells, Dave Seaman and Darren Emerson.

Graeme Lloyd, Lendrum & Forte and students Dimi.M, Oxi Jones, George Alexander, Aint No Saint and A.D.D are set to takeover the second main room at Ministry - the 103!

Every month we run a night at the world famous Ministry of Sound, and every second month a second date in the 103. At these nights we offer our students the opportunity to support and share a flyer with some of the worlds biggest DJs and Producers! This is an opportunity no other Music Institution in the world is offering! Launch your music career at SubBass Academy!




SubBass DJS play the 103 Ministry of Sound - The Gallery

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"We have been working with and using SubBass DJs at our events for many years now, SubBass is a fantastic place to learn, highly recommended."

Gavyn Mytchel - Promoter Lock N Load, The Gallery, Ministry of Sound