SubBass reviews the Evermix Mixbox2!

Last year we had the pleasure of meeting the chaps from Evermix who have designed the Mixbox2, hardware that allows DJ’s to record and stream live sets directly to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The Device is small enough to fit in your pocket, has a sleek aluminium design and is effortlessly simple to use, offering a unique and ingenious solution to the never ending battle DJ’s have when trying to record their mix’s!

We had the opportunity to test the Evermix Box at Ministry of Sound. The simplicity, design and recording quality is what made us fall in love with the Mixbox2

In order to record your set, all you need to do is connect the “Mixbox” via RCA cable to the back of the “record out’ on the Mixer, connect your device and start recording …. it really is that simple!

The app itself instantly allows you to share your Mix on Evermix’s DJ Platform, where you’ll also be able to access exclusive sets form world famous DJ’s

In terms of audio quality, there’s a “high quality 24-bit AKM Analogue to Digital Converter with a smooth noise floor with no audible tones”, and the unit can make recordings in lossless WAV 320 kbps AAC, or 192kbps AAC.

Here at SubBass we feel that recording a mix is like having a CV, it can help with that ever important foot in the door and help already established DJs reach a wider audience.

The the new update to the Mix box allows you to record audio through Facebook live to get a crispy sounding stream, news I’m sure bedroom DJs will be pleased about!

Quote from Alex Grover (Head DJ Tutor at SubBass) - “Recording mix's in todays social media age is hugely important, people can appreciate a live mix, I know we’ll be using loads at the SubBass studios to help students improve. Live Club mix's are great, you can promote yourself and boost your DJ Profile”

The team at Evermix have just opened their online store and are accepting pre orders, with SubBass Students benefiting from 10% off.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Mix Box, email and we can send you the exclusive discount code!

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