SubBass Sessions Episode 004

MEI A.K.A Sarah Merriam

Sarah has grown up being influenced by music which she undeniably owes to her father - the owner of Merriam Music which happens to be the largest music school in Canada. From a young age she was given plenty of opportunities in music and is accomplished in a lengthy list of instruments such as violin, tenor and alto saxophone, clarinet, guitar however has always nurtured a passion for singing and playing the piano in her spare time.

Sarah recalls the first time she knew she wanted to be a DJ - It was in "second year of University, right in the middle of taking a degree in Psychology & French. I moved to London after I graduated and started researching DJ & Production courses and knew SubBass was the school for me. This is just the start of my journey at SubBass, with now having made the decision to start the Production course. This set will give you an idea of the kind of music I want to eventually produce, where I’ll be able to incorporate my voice, with cool melodies, and a great bass."

The mix Sarah has created for her episode of the SubBass Sessions podcast is very bass focused with some cool melodies that are perfect to vibe to. Since moving to London Sarah has become more and more focused on the techno scene and her passion for her musical journey is clear throughout her mix, especially given that second song in her mix is “London” by Adam Beyer who is a favourite DJ/producer of hers. Sarah "chose this song obviously for the genre and vibe, but more specifically to give recognition to the city where I began my real journey as an artist and DJ. At 34 minutes this is the transition to one of my favourite songs in the mix “Domino” by Oxia the original mix. I think this song is the perfect combination of bass and melody…it makes it impossible to stand still."

Listen to Sarah's Podcast on Soundcloud below:

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"Loving the SubBass studios great environment for DJs and Producers to learn in."

George Pritchard (Ministry Of Sound)