SubBass Sessions - Episode 007

Clement Spark

I decided that I wanted decks after hearing KCJ cutting up two copies of Run DMC's Beats to the Rhyme on Dave Pearce's GLR show back in 1989. My early influences were the turntablists and I eagerly recorded any sets I could find on radio shows. It was from this and the DMC competitions that I taught myself beat-matching and scratching.

Initially, I was mostly picking up Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing to play out in the early ‘90s but after three years living in Brighton, my tastes shifted to US Garage. I remember 1994 was a massive year for me with tracks from 24 Hour Experience, Barbara Tucker and Nuyorican Soul shaping my future direction.

Today, although I would class my sets as house, I dip into Soulful, Deep and Jackin’ and I love to throw the classics in with the new tracks – something you’ll hear in this mix.

A new chapter opened in late 2015 when I decided to channel my passion for music into production. I enlisted in SubBass’s one month Ableton Live Level One Music Production Course with Jonny Miller. This provided me the grounding and encouragement I needed to pursue this new direction. Fast forward two years, a steep learning curve, a very helpful friend and a fortuitous conversation and I’ve released two tracks – believe it or not on a label owned by one half of 24 Hour Experience. Weird how that stuff happens!

Looking to the future I’ll continue the quest to lock down “my sound” and ultimately want to be regularly hearing my music in bars and clubs as well as being spun by my favourite DJs on D3EP and HouseFM.

Listen to Clement Spark's Podcast on Soundcloud below:

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"We have been working with and using SubBass DJs at our events for many years now, SubBass is a fantastic place to learn, highly recommended."

Gavyn Mytchel - Promoter Lock N Load, The Gallery, Ministry of Sound