SubBass sits down with Tall Paul

Tall Paul, is one of the stalwarts of the UK music scene, rocking dancefloors across the globe for nearly 30 years. He started DJing as a teenager, spinning vinyl for private parties at his family’s venue, the legendary club, Turnmills.

As the popularity of House music grew, Paul was at the forefront of London’s renowned pirate radio station scene, with shows on the infamous Touchdown FM & Sunrise FM.

As Tall Paul, he has sold over 1 million compilation albums including Virgin’s ‘The Gallery Modern Masters’, ‘Club Nation 1998’ ‘Cream Anthems’, and Fantazia’s ‘House Collection’. In 2002 Paul signed a multi-album deal with the Ministry of Sound, ‘Dance Nation 6’, ‘The Ibiza Annual 2’, ‘Millennium Annual’, ‘Dance Nation 7’, ‘Headliners’, ‘The Annual’, ‘The Clubber’s Guide to 2001’ & ‘2003’. Stateside, he released ‘Mixed Live’ series, ‘The Gallery: Live’ sessions, ‘Globetrotting Peru’ and ‘Live in Bulgaria’, all of which have increased Paul’s popularity around the globe.

The global resurgence in popularity of house music now sees him picking up the headphones once more, and heading out to play for a different, younger audience, who are still as hungry as ever. His depth and breadth of musical knowledge and incessant thirst to find great music keeps things fresh. No matter where, what or when, you know that once Tall Paul steps up to the decks, he will light up the dancefloor.

DJ Tall PaulWhat was the catalyst that sparked your interest in the music industry?

My dad having a record shop when I was a kid helped my journey into music creating a love and willing to explore new music. Vinyl was everywhere in our house.

What were the first steps you took in your career?

Getting a opportunity to play music. Any excuse wether it be a friends Birthday, wedding, pirate radio show. Just to play. Create your style your sound.

What was the first record you brought?

I think it was ACDC-Back in Black form Woolworths in Whetstone high street.

What’s the one thing you wish someone had told you when you first started out?

Use ear plugs.

Favourite venue/country you’ve played in?

After Turnmills, loved to play The Government in Toronto. Sadly not around any more.

Who is your favourite music producer and why?

Loads out there, tricky one..Todd Terry was a huge influence early days as he was making tunes every week in seemed and they were all huge..Top guy..

What made Turnmills such a legendary venue?

A Family run business that constantly re invested into the experience of Turnmills. An amazing staff ,promoters and crew all focused on creating the best nights we could every week. Plus it had a very underground feel being a sub basement space.

What advice would you give to new producers/ DJs to get their career started?

Make music and understand the music you like and want to create. Break it down, all the individual elements that come together to create the whole, the arrangement is so important. You can have all the elements you need but the arrangement can let you down. Believe me I know. Explore if you can the technology , ever changing, new techniques and sounds . Then when you start to make and produce music you will create something thats yours, your sound.It will take a while.

What’s you all-time top floor filling tune?

Cafe del Mar- Orig mix.

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