SubBass student DJs play in Ibiza 2015

This weekend 3 DJs from SubBass DJ courses will be jetting off to Ibiza to play gigs for SubBass at Sankey's, Bora Bora and Zoo. This year SubBass has teamed up with Radical Escapes and has hand-picked 3 of our very best DJ course students to play.

Jess Bays - Since taking the DJ Complete course in 2014 Jess has rocketed through the London clubbing scene with her name apearing at some of the biggest events of 2015, including We Are Fstvl and the 103 at Ministry of Sound in April with SubBass. Now Jess will fulfil a life-long ambition to DJ in Ibiza.

Viktor Bondar - Viktor attended both DJ Complete and Logic Pro One and Logic Pro Two music production courses at SubBass in 2014 and 2015. Since completing his course Viktor has played several times for SubBass at Ministry of Sound including playing the 103 in April at the club. Now we are letting Viktor's talents loose on the White Isle.

Phil Cusack - Phil completed the SubBass One Month Level One and One Month Level Two DJ Courses earlier this year, and has gained experience playing at Ministry of Sound with SubBass culminating in a peak time set in the 103.

SubBass director Graeme Lloyd will also be jetting off to Ibiza on Saturday to play at Sankey's.

We would like to wish all our DJs a great trip, we know you will smash it over there and enjoy the Ibiza experience.

If you fancy DJing in Ibiza in 2016, or at our monthly club night at Ministry of Sound then check out our DJ or Music Production Courses and you could be next....

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