SubBass Students found EDGE Events!

SubBass sits down with previous student OXI JONES who has recently co-founded EDGE Events - their mission statement: to present a fresh series of individualistic performances designed to showcase the underground techhouse, deeptech, minimaltech and techno music scene every Thursday from 10pm-2am in TRAFIK, Shoreditch. Affiliated with Select Radio and sponsored by Neon Energy Drink.

Edge events. LondonWhat inspired you to co-found EDGE Events?
My inspiration to create an event organisation originated from the relationships built by my own musical journey as well as my creative background. The other co-founder had similar musical visions. In the past, I used to be a Host & PR Manager for El Divino and always helped promote larger events such as AVA Festival in Belfast. I felt with my design skill-set and connection to artists; it was the next logical step. I also wanted to show that the underground music scene is not as commercial as people now think. The vision for building this brand was to collaborate with talented artists for the sounds within and build a community.

Why did you make the decision to focus on Techno as your main genre?
I personally love all forms of techno. This is why any event organisation I helped create had to relate with the involved sub genres or else it wouldn't interest me. Not only that, tech house has become your normal "Friday night" music and I wanted to prove there is an underground element that people don't necessarily relate to. Stylistically, techno is generally repetitive and has been that way since the early Detroit era. However, the creative use of new drum machines, synthesizers , and digital audio workstations, is viewed as an important aspect of the current music's aesthetic resulting in these cross-genres such as deeptech and minimal/melodic techno. Basically, I wanted to bring a group together showcasing the different forms of techno as there is a lot of unrecognised talent.

What do you require from an artist who wants to DJ at one of your events?
The key focus at the end of the day is the music. If someone approaches me or sends their mix to me I will always listen and give honest feedback. If the team feels a person doesn't host the right sound for EDGE, they will be told straight, similar to circumstances if we felt they needed further practice before performing. Having said that, I am an opportunist and want to help people with that stepping stone and provide them with the exposure required to progress in this industry. If an individual is full of enthusiasm, we feel would benefit from our affiliations and they are enjoyable to listen to, then we would welcome and advise them as much as possible.

What inspired you to become a DJ?
I have always been educated in music and was a bit rebellious when I was younger. DJing just presented a way for me to express myself alongside my productions. I have always listened to big artists, attended the involved raves, been to music festivals and spoke about the music with everyone. But, I was fed up of being on the wrong side of the decks, so took the risk to chase my passion. I love piecing together my sets and creating a vibe for people to dance to wherever I perform.

If you could pick one DJ to perform for EDGE Events who would it be?
Thats a very hard question for me to answer as the approach EDGE took was not having a big DJ to create a brand impact, hence why we welcome fresh artists behind the decks. Having said that, if the opportunity to host Charlotte De Witte became available then I would definitely not shy away. The way she pieces her techno sets together and the fact she has become very recognised because of her passion; I find that experience more fulfilling than asking one of the old legends of the trade to perform.

Finally - what does the future hold for EDGE?
I think EDGE is a strong brand that will build talented roots with artists because of the collaborative relationships therein. Both myself and the other founder would love to see our events at one of the bigger nightclubs in London to showcase what we can deliver, eventually being asked to host stages at relative festivals and also advancing overseas for world-known performances. First an foremost, we want people to recognise our brand for great music and a really enjoyable experience with friendly surroundings.

Catch EDGE Events every Thursday night from 10PM - 2AM at TRAFIK in Shoreditch!

For performance enquiries please email:

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