SubBass Tutor Alex Grover Launches his own Label

We sit down with SubBass tutor Alex Grover to discuss the upcoming launch of his label ONNE Records:

ONNE is the love child of two enigmatic electronic producers who refuse to be identified in todays mass media. The sole focus of ONNE is to produce organic underground music infused with stabby melodies, atmospheric moments and dark rollers, stealing the hearts of many dance music fiends across the world.

What was your main reason behind starting a label?

To tell you the truth it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, however I was never really content with the type of music I could find which is why it has taken me so long. Now that I have finally found that sound that I love, the natural progression seemed to start a label. It seemed right to start this up with my good friend and production partner, Michael Frost, who coincidentally has also been passionate about starting his own label for a long time.

What sort of sound are you after?

Genre wise I would say dub house and dub techno with a bit of atmospheric techno thrown in. We are trying to release great atmospheric music whether it is from an established artist or from someone completely new to the scene. What we want is that kind of music which is going to take the crowd on a journey.

Who would you say your influencers are - for this genre?

I would love to take it back to old school techno for example Basic Channel, Carl Craig, Maarten Mittendorff and Joris Voorn to name a few.

So why have you decided to do vinyl only?

I begun buying vinyls from a young age, around 14-15 years old and ever since have taken an interest in them. The best thing is that dub techno and dub house really suits being pressed on vinyl due to the way the low end is processed - vinyls analog sound affects the low and high end in a way which you cannot replicate in a digital format.For me vinyl is an extremely personal thing, and it's something I'm unbelievably addicted to - I feel that having a hard copy is so much more meaningful than a digital copy which can easily get lost in my music library.

It's an experience that I want other people to be able to have. The fact that we're doing limited runs means that when someone buys an ONNE Records release they will be one of a select few to own a copy of that track, which in my opinion makes it even more special.

ONNE Records are now taking demos; if you would like to share something with them please email
To connect with ONNE Records please click below:

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