Two Ways to Make Great Sounding Bass!

Two Ways to Make Great Sounding Bass!

Learning Synthesis

This will help you create the great bass sound you're imagining. If you're signed up to the Sub Bass Academy online tutorials check out my Reaktor Blocks course as you can learn about the fundamentals of Synthesis.

For a start try looking into your synth and getting to know what each parameter does to the sound. Then concentrate on modifying the amplifier envelope. Here we can make a sound softer or more aggressive in it’s attack, louder or quieter in it’s body and tighter or more flowing in it’s release. Try Modifying the Oscillator - Each oscillator has its own sound. Sine Waves can be great for the sub end of a bass sound. A square wave with a low pass filter will give the sound more bass and body. A sawtooth wave can help your sound cut through the mix. Experimenting with effects on the synth is worth looking into also.


I was told that the producer Timbaland sometimes uses 12 sounds per bass sound.
In the past I've sometimes layered sampler instruments like the N.I India with synths like Reaktor Blocks and then a basic subtractive synth like Ableton's Analog to make a amazing sounding bass.
There’s a general rule in music production thought that low bass frequencies should be kept in mono. However in many electronic genres the bass will often feature super wide sounding stereo bass sounds, so how do we create super wide sounding basses that are also mono? There are a few different ways to do this. On this lesson we are going to create a Multi Band EQ from scratch to make our lower frequencies mono but also have stereo elements in the sound.

1. Open up a bass sound you've made previously Group your sounds if you're using more than one - Im using Reaktor Blocks and Ableton's Analog.

create great sounding bass. Producing

3. Group the EQ

create great sounding bass. producing

5. Right click on the Chain and ‘Duplicate’ your lo pass filter chain. Make the copy a band bass filter cutting frequencies from 300 to 2kz

create great sounding bass. producing

7. Right Click on your chains to then Rename your chains

create great sounding bass. producing

8. Now we have multiband EQ setup Lets add the utility at 0% which will mono the bass end

create great sounding bass. producing

9. Now on the highs or mids lets add a stereo effect and/or width processor to the stereo bass track

create great sounding bass. producingFurther tips

You can now experiment making more frequencies bands to make further options to add different effects to each frequency band.

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