VLOG: Drum Sample Processing Techniques

Thanks to the advances of technology in music production, we will frequently be working with a lot of loops, be it drum or music, that are (at best) given to us as a stereo file.

We may want to change certain elements of the loop, either to fit the production better, achieve some variation over time, or simply put our own spin on the sample or loop at hand.

Traditional ways to change the sonics of the loop is to EQ it or to cut it up and rearrange it rhythmically, both of which are are very valid techniques and should always be considered, but there is also limit to what you can achieve using these basic techniques.

Since we’re dealing with a stereo file and don’t always have access to all the individual tracks in the arrangement, we need to find other ways to split up the different elements. In this short video series we will look at a a few of these techniques:

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