VLOG: How to create analog style bass in Massive

In this latest SubBass Vlog we are going to be exploring how to create an analog style bass sound in Native Instruments Massive. We will be learning how to use Massive’s highly impressive selection of wavetables and filters as well as some routing, applying macros and meta data.

Creating an analog style bass can give you the sound of classic physical pieces of equipment which sounds warm and has a rich texture as well as a subtle movement to areas like faze and pitch, which on more modern synths you don't have. this movement and warmth can really inhance each individual note to its own subtle character.

Analog style bass is good for anyone looking to emulate classic synths or tracks for example heard in a huge variety of house and techno tracks - a great example of this is Mr Fingers "Can You Feel It".

Learning how to make this kind of bass is certain to get you set on the way to making your very own sound with Massive. If you would like to learn the synth or any other Native Instruments Products, in depth, check out our Module 3 course here

Each session of the course focuses on different elements of creativity, including drums, bass, melody, unique effects and how to process using different techniques and plugins with Native Instruments Komplete.

And now on to analog bass . . .

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