VLOG: Snare and Clap Layering

In this vlog we will be covering snare and clap layering in Ableton through the utilisation of drum rack and will be showing you how to effectively import these samples into the session. Following this you will find out how to program authentic clap loops and how to EQ compress and create the 80's reverb effect.

Snare and clap layering is an integral part of creating any track and though sometimes one snare or clap is enough, often you need to employ layering to develop your own unique sound. The benefit of using drum racks over any other drum sampler is that you are able to get maximum control over every individual sound as well as group and auxiliary bussing and of course you can save this all in one preset for future use.

Programming authentic clap loops is always beneficial as it sounds more live/natural and makes it sound less robotic. Then through EQing and compressing we are able to gel all the sounds together to give them a tighter feel. Watch the video below to find out more!

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