One Month Ableton Lvl 1

The one month Ableton Live Level 1 Music Production Course is perfect for new Ableton Live users or those looking to get an introduction to music production

  • Timetable: Wednesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm - 10pm
  • Fees: £549.00
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Course Outline

The SubBass one month Ableton Music Production Course is perfect for new Ableton Live users or those looking to get an introduction to music production. We will quickly help you master Ableton Live getting you to grips with both music production and Ableton. The course runs for 4 weeks with 2 studio sessions per week.

All students will receive a Certificate Of Completion upon successfully completing this course.

Each student has their very own production workstation, with very small class sizes you will receive plenty of individual attention from the tutor and time to work on your first track. During the course we will help you understand how to build a track using modern day studio equipment.

You will spend a month with our industry pro tutors who will explain how the modern producer works and teach you every thing you need to know to start producing your own music.

Each student has their very own production workstation running Ableton Live 9 Suite, students who have yet to purchase Ableton Live will receive a copy of the program to use at home during the course.

Course Content

  • Getting to know Ableton Live
  • Using Samples In Ableton
  • Understanding Live browser
  • Creating Drum Parts
  • Exploring Midi Instruments
  • Understanding Programming
  • Controlling Live's instruments with Velocity
  • Adding Audio Effects Devices
  • Aux and Insert Effects Methods
  • Recording live Midi Performances
  • Mapping
  • Using Midi Controllers
  • Sample Player Instruments
  • Instrument Racks
  • Groove and swing
  • Working with Audio clips
  • Using Warping functions
  • Working with Midi Effects
  • Working in Session View
  • Creating Bass
  • Ableton's synths
  • Audio Recognition tools
  • EQ Techniques
  • Compression
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Getting Creative
  • Recording Arrangements
  • Editing in Arrangement View
  • Structure, Arrangement and Transitions
  • Sidechain Techniques
  • Track Automation
  • Capturing live Events with Midi Controllers
  • Rendering Audio and midi Tracks
  • Mixing down and Finishing your Track

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Course Instructor(s)

Michael L Penman

Internationally renowned producer Michael Penman brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SubBass classroom.

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