Ableton Live Module Two

Take your music production to the next level with Ableton Live Two. This 12 week course is for Intermediate Ableton users who already have knowledge of the program and music production and want to further their skills

  • Timetable: Tuesdays from 11am - 5pm
  • Fees: £1,450.00
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Course Outline

The Ableton Live Two music production course is perfect for more experienced users of Ableton or, ideal for students who have already completed the SubBass Ableton Live One course. This second module will expand and develop an individual's Ableton skills to the next level and offer a wealth of one to one tuition and feedback on working progress productions.

Alongside the weekly topics on this, more advanced and creative Ableton course, a real focus is individual student progress...

Student productions and progress are assessed regularly with one to one guidance sessions in the SubBass specialist master studio. Here you will receive constructive production feedback and individual advice from your tutor, a pro-producer with over 20 years of electronic music industry experience and 18 years of teaching/mentoring experience.This course is also ideal for intermediate Ableton users who have got started with the software but may want to get a little more under the hood, make better progress with their tracks, or improve their overall workflow. So students learn new skills and receive invaluable, constructive and practical feedback/advice on their music.

All students will receive a Certificate Of Completion upon successfully completing this course.

Course Content

  • Expanded Drums
  • Layering and Programming
  • Expanded Percussion
  • Mixing Drums
  • Creative Compression
  • Integration of Live's Effects into your Drums
  • Clip Envelopes Expanded
  • Groove & Swing
  • Sound Design and Synthesis
  • FM Synthesis with Operator
  • Subtractive Synthesis with Analog
  • Making Bass sounds
  • Making leads Sounds
  • Wave Design
  • Combining Synths and Effects
  • Expanded use of Instrument Racks
  • Sampling and Ableton's sample Players
  • Advanced use of Filters, Volume, Pitch and Filter Envelope
  • Modulation with LFO
  • Sampler's Advanced Features
  • Layering Samples
  • Sample Zones
  • Sample Based Syntheses
  • Looping Samples
  • Advanced Audio and Warping Techniques
  • Recording and Editing Unique Live Sounds
  • Advanced Warping Functions Production
  • Warping for DJ mixes, Edits and Remixes
  • Creative use of Live Audio Effects
  • Designing Reverb
  • Designing Delays
  • Resonators & Corpus Devices
  • Effects Racks
  • Performance Effects
  • Expanded, creative use of Live MIDI Effects
  • Arpeggiator Techniques
  • Midi Effects Racks
  • Midi Effects for Music
  • Instrument and Effects Racks Expanded
  • Layering presets
  • Customising Racks
  • Imaginative Multi Format Racks
  • Mapping Macro Controls
  • MIDI Control
  • Max4 Live devices in Live 9
  • Buffler Shuffler
  • The LFO device
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Max Essentials for Production
  • Structure and Arrangement Focus
  • Arrangement View functions
  • Edits and Cutaways
  • Creative Automation
  • Music Composition
  • Creating and using Templates
  • Mixing down in Ableton Live
  • Mixing in Session View
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Grouping and Buses
  • Monitoring Techniques
  • EQ and levels
  • Insert Mix effects
  • Mastering in Ableton Live
  • Remixing and Re-editing tracks
  • Sequencing Pro level DJ Mixes
  • Getting Creative with Acapellas

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Course Instructor(s)

Michael L Penman

Internationally renowned producer Michael Penman brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to the SubBass classroom.

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