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Ableton Live Module Two - Part 1

  • Number of Lessons: 9

Course Outline

Ableton Live Module Two mirrors the 3 month course that runs at the London studio, this course is perfect for students who are more experienced and looking to step up to the next level. Module two will help you further you music production skills and knowledge and give you the tools to make some killer tunes. We will guide you through with a step by step program developed to help you understand how to use one of the most powerful DAW's on the market.

With 12 parts to the course we take an in depth look at some of the more advance features in Ableton Live. In this first set of lessons we will look at Analog which is a great instrument for creating Bass and melody. Everything you learn in this part of the course can be used on your favorite synth. This set of lessons will give you a greater understanding of creating sound within a synth, taking your production to a new level.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    Analog - Oscillators
  • Lesson 02
    Analog - Filters
  • Lesson 03
    Analog - Amp
  • Lesson 04
    Analog - Creating a Sub Bass
  • Lesson 05
    Analog - Creating a Pad
  • Lesson 06
    Analog - Creating a Percussive Square Bass Sound
  • Lesson 07
    Analog - LFOs
  • Lesson 08
    Analog - Global Parameters
  • Lesson 09
  • Number of Lessons: 9

Course Instructor(s)

Kirk Spencer

Kirk Spencer

Kirk Spencer is a 27-year-old producer and musician from Nottingham and now based in London and teaches Ableton Live classes at SubBass Aacdemy

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