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Ableton Live Module Two - Part 9

  • Number of Lessons: 9

Course Outline

In this section of the course we concentrate on how to work with vocals which can be either from samples or recorded in your studio. This will also teach you come great mixing concepts and ideas that you can transfer into mixing other sounds. If you don't have access to a studio to record live vocals its just as easy to record at home with a good mic you can achieve some great results. But if you do not want to record live vocals then you can easily get your hands on great samples that can be used royalty free.

Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    Working with Vocalists
  • Lesson 02
    Setting up for Recording Vocals
  • Lesson 03
    As Your Recording Vocals
  • Lesson 04
    Prepping Your Vocals for a Mix
  • Lesson 05
    Mixing Vocals
  • Lesson 06
    Mixing Vocals
  • Lesson 07
    Mixing Vocals
  • Lesson 08
    Mixing Vocals
  • Lesson 09
  • Number of Lessons: 9

Course Instructor(s)

Kirk Spencer

Kirk Spencer

Kirk Spencer is a 27-year-old producer and musician from Nottingham and now based in London and teaches Ableton Live classes at SubBass Aacdemy

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