Deep House with Tom Demac

  • Number of Lessons: 38
  • Price: £89.99

Course Outline

Top Deep House Producer Tom Demac will take you through a step by step guide to making House and Deep House Music with Ableton Live. The course covers everything you could possibly need to know and more about making this style of music.

The course guides you through how to make an original and stand-out track within Ableton, using a combination of samples and creating your own sounds. A good knowlede of Ableton Live and production is recommended before you take this course. If you are new to Ableton you should take the Introduction to Ableton Course before this one.

From creating a punchy kick, getting the perfect percussion, adding musicality, making a bassline, adding vocals, to using effects and automation and much more… This course is for those who already have knowledge of Ableton and want to improve their production and get that distinctive housey or deeper house vibe.

The start of the course will guide you through building up a solid drum loop, before going on to add the more musical elements of the track, followed by lessons showing you how to arrange, mix, add effects and automate your music. The course is full of helpful tips and tricks to make your tracks stand out from the crowd and is a must for anyone wanting a to improve their house or deep house sounds.

This is not just a set of tutorials but a structured course with Templates to work from and full course notes to follow. You will receive tasks and goals before each tutorial and a main task at the end of each section designed to really move you forward and test your knowledge. During the course, we will show you and guide you so you finish the course with a track in your preferred style.

The course was created in Ableton live 8, but students using Live 9 can easily transfer the techniques as its a course about music production techniques and not specific to any version of Ableton.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 01
    Making Your Kick
  • Lesson 02
    Adding Punch To The Kick
  • Lesson 03
    Processing The Kick
  • Lesson 04
    Adding A Clap
  • Lesson 05
    Building The Groove
  • Lesson 06
    Adding Hi Hats
  • Lesson 07
    Adding more Percussion
  • Lesson 08
    EQ and Mixing Your Percussion
  • Lesson 09
    Chord Structure
  • Lesson 10
    Processing Your Chord Pattern
  • Lesson 11
    Adding a Bassline
  • Lesson 12
    Processing The Bass
  • Lesson 13
    Adding a Hook and Melodic Parts
  • Lesson 14
    Processing The Melody
  • Lesson 15
    Variation On The Bass
  • Lesson 16
    Adding A Vocal Hook
  • Lesson 17
    Variation On The Vocal
  • Lesson 18
    Working with the Vocal in the Sampler
  • Lesson 19
    Adding Strings
  • Lesson 20
    Loop Overview
  • Lesson 21
    Shortcuts and Functions for Recording
  • Lesson 22
    Preparing for Session Recording
  • Lesson 23
    Preparing the Session for Recording
  • Lesson 24
    Preparing for the Session Recording
  • Lesson 25
    Arrangement and Recording
  • Lesson 26
    Recording the Arrangement
  • Lesson 27
    Arrangement Edits and Basic Automation
  • Lesson 28
    Send FX Chains
  • Lesson 29
    Send FX (Part 2)
  • Lesson 30
    Send FX and Automation
  • Lesson 31
    The Breakdown
  • Lesson 32
    More Arrangement and Automation
  • Lesson 33
    Arrangement Final Part
  • Lesson 34
    The Mixdown
  • Lesson 35
    Mixdown (part 2)
  • Lesson 36
    Intro to Mastering
  • Lesson 37
    Mastering (Part 2)
  • Lesson 38
    Course Overview
  • Number of Lessons: 38
  • Price: £89.99

Course Instructor(s)

Tom Demac

Modern legend of Deep house Tom Demac shows you his music production techniques at SubBass online

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Deep House with Tom Demac

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