DJ Levels One and Two

Book both DJ level One and Two together and save over £100 compared to booking both courses separately.

  • Timetable: Monday and Tuesday Evenings 6.30pm -10pm x 8 weeks
  • Fees: £995.00 | Pay a £200 deposit now and pay the balance in monthly instalments.

Course Outline

The 1 month DJ Course level 1 is suitable for beginners or those with some experience who want to improve their skills.
 The level 1 course is spread across four weeks with two sessions per week, this gives you plenty of time between sessions to practice either at home or in our studio. Practice time in the studio is included in the course, and there is always a tutor on hand to help and advice.

Level 2 will really give you the final push you need to stand out in this competitive industry and take your DJing to the next level, we will share our wealth of knowledge and experience with you and students find they get a real confidence boost from the course

DJs completing the 1 month level 1 & 2 courses will get the chance to play at a SubBass event including our monthly club night at The Gallery, Ministry of Sound.

Book your space and start your journey with SubBass today.

Meet Course tutor DJ Paul Thomas

Level One and Two

  • Equipment Set up
  • Equipment and Functions
  • What Should I buy?
  • Controllers Vs CDJs
  • Introduction to Beat Matching
  • Bars Beats and Phrasing
  • Tempo and BPM
  • Pitch Matching
  • Mixing with Headphones
  • Mono Mixing
  • Stereo Mixing
  • Traktor S4
  • Mixing in Phrase
  • How to use Internal EFX in the Mix
  • Knowing your Music
  • Understanding Record Box
  • Matching Sound Levels
  • Mix Points
  • EQ settings
  • EQ in the Mix
  • The Mix Sequence
  • The Faders
  • The Crossfader
  • Mixing different styles of Music
  • 121 Tutor Feedback and Advise
  • Perform your Mix and Get Pro Feedback
  • Looking into any Problem Area's
  • Proper use of EQ in the Mix
  • EQ Skills and Tricks
  • Matching Levels In/Out of the Mix
  • Understanding Musical Phrasing
  • Deck Control
  • Stay In The Mix For Longer
  • Method 2 Pitch Mixing
  • External Effects Pioneer EFX 1000
  • External Effects Korg Kaos Pad
  • Accapella mixing
  • Impact mixing
  • Getting Energy into your Sets
  • Mixing different styles
  • Looping in the Mix
  • Set Structure and Sequence
  • Sequence your Sets and Demos
  • Understanding Record Box
  • External Drum Machines with the Roland TR-8
  • Demos and Presentation
  • Getting Gigs
  • Warm-up Sets
  • Promoting Yourself

Course Instructor(s)

Mark Radford

Mark Radford

Known for his unique bassline driven underground sound & outstanding technical ability behind the turntables...

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